Shall we go high ?

1 bedroom modules – horizontal or vertical development?

An important aspect of Housing Policy in Kenya is preventing sprawl and deforestation. Kakamega County Government’s Integrated Development Plan 2017 urges storey block development for these reasons (para. 1.6.8).

Cost benefits accrue where services infrastructure arranged vertically, permits single below-ground connections, both incoming (e.g. plumbing) and outgoing (e.g. drainage). Horizontal development requires more extensive, potentially costly reticulation. Those benefits must be offset against stronger ground-bearing and upper floor structures.

Architecturally, a storey block creates a plural dynamic, affording wider horizons of participation towards an urban townscape. Arguably, this is a necessary and virtuous nuance to be embraced as advancing states of development evolve inescapable growth and progress, under immutable conditions of finite resources and climate change.

In the media:

Christine Mungai | Affordable Housing Nairobi

Bryan Tumwa | Caveat Emptor





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