Kericho Diocese | Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

John McAslan & Partners Kericho landmark.

Conceived by Hannah Lawson (AJ Woman of the Year 2012). Design intent by Bartlett protégé Peter McLaughlin. Detail design and delivery by Triad Architects.

Sterometric complexity necessitated a detailed 3d BIM model which Triad Architects subcontracted to Vector Projects Kenya, in order to coordinate interior and exterior finishes with the as-built RC structure.

Dextrous skill in Vectorworks 2013 and determined effort, in conjunction with constructors Harley Timber Engineering, Esteel Construction, and Steel Structures Ltd., led to the resolution of geometrical and aesthetic challenges, and ultimately to the photogenic results.

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This ambitious project prompts a range of contextual debates: Writing in UK’s Architects Journal Supplement ’Brits abroad’ (10th October 2016) Toma Berlanda and Nerea Amoros Elorduy are “left wondering whether the cathedral is really designed for the congregation in Kericho, or for the visibility of the Catholic Church of Kenya, even whether it is an architectural whim for another audience altogether? Pope Francis’s call for an epistemological shift away from colonialised Africans, suggests  their well-being should be addressed through different architectural strategies”

VPK is retained as the Architectural consultant, digitising O&M procedures, overseeing repairs, improvements and modifications.

AJ ‘Brits Abroad’

Vector Projects design archive

Church Designer Magazine






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